Camillus House Profile

Camillus House Profile

Camillus House Profile

Why Camillus House?

Camillus House is a homeless shelter that has helped hundreds of people get a home. Donating to them helps to buy supplies like toiletries, clothes, and food. 

What do they do?

Camillus House offers four types of services including:

  • Compassionate Healing: Providing mental health support and rehabilitation services.
  • Continuum of Housing: Helping those in need with emergency, transitional, and permanent housing support.
  • Compassionate Hospitality: Offering services that range from  food, clothing, and showers to outreach, case management, and rent assistance.
  • Camillus Health Concern: Our sister organization provides health care services including adult primary care, and pediatrics).

How can you help?

  • Donate money to benefit Camillus House‚Äôs work. For example, only $15 provides 10 hot meals for the hungry. Raise funds with friends or family so that you can give even more!
  • Donate your old clothes or belongings. They will go to people that are in need of them.
  • Volunteer: Camillus House can use volunteers in areas ranging from hands-on work in the kitchen and warehouse to more behind the scenes projects in the administrative offices. They also can place volunteers who have professional skills or special abilities in positions that fully utilize their expertise.
  • Help Camillus House to provide nutritious meals to persons who are hungry and/or homeless in our community. You can also organize a casserole drive!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong 
– Valentina and Isla