How to Set Up Your Workspace for Success During COVID-19

How to Set Up Your Workspace for Success During COVID-19

Article by: Isla Dua

With all of the new changes going on due to the pandemic, such as adjusting to online school and online work, for many of us, our workspace has become a very important area. Your physical environment has a huge impact on your focus, performance, and productivity. All of those things are key in doing your best and feeling your best throughout the day. Here are some things that you can do to set your workspace up for success during COVID-19.

  • Declutter your workspace
    • Have all of your supplies with you
    • Take out things that may cause distractions
  • Have an easy snack and a water bottle with you to fuel yourself
  • Have something with you that brings you joy/makes you happy
    • It can help you feel happier and have a better mood to work.
  • Have a to-do list handy
    • Prioritize tasks based on deadlines and/or importance
    • You can also use sticky notes as reminders
  • When leaving at the end of the day or taking a break, take 1 min to clean up desk/ workspace for next day
    • It will prepare yourself for the next day!

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