About Us


We are Isla Dua, Valentina Pombo and Myla Zuckerman, three Miami 7th Graders driven to help those in need. We are passionate about the issues that directly affect our local Miami community and beyond. From preserving the local culture of Miami, to the impact of climate change on our planet as a whole, we are part of a generation dedicated to informed action—and we’re starting now.

We’ve come together motivated by a common question: How do we help? Without clear answers, we decided to define those answers for ourselves. We’ve created a digital gathering space, where information can be shared and action plans can be formulated. We’re a young generation, but one that doesn’t simply have to watch the world happen to us. We can help decide where we go from here. We hope you’ll join us.


We believe…

A strong city is close, caring, accepting, and comes together as a community.


We believe…

We should support and recognize all of the people who help us, inspire us, and make our community stronger every day.


We believe…

The city is strongest when we all support each other, accept everybody, and respect one another.


We believe…

Every person should be free, included, and valued in the community.


We believe…

That working together, we can create a strong city.


In difficult times, many of us are called to action—but knowing where to start isn’t always clear. Uncertainty around which action to take, or how to responsibly contribute to a cause, should never get in the way of making a difference.

As young activists, we believe the causes we’re passionate about are best served by a place to gather, consolidate information, and formulate plans for making a real impact. Our goal is to create a digital hub where people can connect and take productive, effective, organized action.

The issues and circumstances affecting our communities both today and long-term are significant to us as the next generation of leaders. In scary and uncertain times, no one wants to feel helpless. We all want to feel like there’s something we can do to have a positive impact, and we know that to make a difference, it’s best if we act together.